We FILLED the Boat..TRUTH Behind Commercial Fishing

This is a video I have been wanting to make for a long time! Every year millions of Spanish mackerel migrate south along the continental U.S and take residence along Florida’s SE coast. They tend to congregate in a huge biomass in an area called pecks lake, which is in the Hobe Sound area. These mackerel will hold in the area from December to about March. Following the mackerel are commercial fisherman like John, Chief and Adam seen in the video. NOAA is the regulating body that assesses the health of the population of mackerel on a federal level. They are the ones who put a quota into place. Every single fish that is sold to the market is accounted for and then reported to NOAA. Once a certain percentage of the stock allowed to be harvested yearly set forth by NOAA is met the daily quota per vessel drops from 1,500lbs of mackerel daily to 500lbs! Any time you have eaten fish at a restaurant or purchased it a market, chances are it was caught by fishermen like the ones seen in this video. This is a highly sustainable and regulated fishery, comprised of lots of hard working commercial fishermen. These are not huge corporate boats, that create a monopoly! Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you want to see next, as I hope to continue these style video’s! If you are a commercial fishermen and would like to do something similar as seen here, fee, free to contact me at

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