We ATE a SHARK! Catch Clean Cook -Blacktip Shark from BEACH

I can’t believe it took me so many years to make this video! Land based shark fishing is something I grew up doing and something i love very much. My buddy Ricky called me the other day and asked if i wanted to try and catch some blacktip sharks from the beach. We got to the beach and within 15 minutes had our first shark bite from the surf. This time of year the annual blacktip shark migration is in full swing along South Florida’s east coast. Thousands of sharks migrate along the coast and Congregate in huge numbers just feet from the beach! Hope you guys enjoy this shark catch clean cook and please read below for more info on shark regulations! Florida and the U.S as a whole have very strict shark regulations, so please don’t believe everything you see in the media as far as sharks being fished to extinction. It’s true that many parts of the world have declining shark populations, but this is not the case in our waters. Blactkip sharks are very plentiful!

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