Using a Drone to Find & Catch Giant Fish

We left the dock with one mission, use a drone to help us find and catch some giant fish! Max and I ran the beach looking for whatever we could find. The first school of fish that we found with the drone was bonito (false albacore), they were feeding on glass minnows. Once we caught a few bonito, Max and I moved on to find the next group of fish. Shortly after, the drone found a group of jack crevalles patrolling a weed line. Unfortunately, we were unable to catch the jacks, but moments later, the drone found a pod of tarpon. These tarpon were super hungry! The moment our bait fish came within visibility, the tarpon immediately went into attack mode. I hooked a giant tarpon, but the fish managed to spit the hook. As we continued to run the beach, the drone found a school of giant jack crevalles. I pitched a bait in the school and was hooked up immediately! This was a giant fish, 25-30lbs! Later on, we went fishing for barracuda and then we finished the day using the giant jack crevalle for bait. I was hoping to hook a goliath groupers, but I hooked and caught something unexpected.

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