underwater fishing Fuerteventura -april varied fishing and a nice action-16

830/5000April has been a month with many hours of water and the sets have been happening, not as many as they seem to me according to the hours of water “waiting”, but enough if they are seen together, I have dusted the lantern again and fish in the hole, given the absence of bait and predators in certain areas, I am also testing the roller system and I like it
In the final part of the video I added “my good deed” that I do not doubt that we would all have done, as IMMERSVS already edited a specific video and many people will have already seen it, so I put it at the end, I hope you like it thanks
pd: we are in nasas time, all those that leave are illegal since they are anchored in less than 20m which is the minimum depth in which they are allowed, if there is no vigilance, the poacher wins and we lose the others

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