Top 10 Best shots on wild pig hunting (JAVALI LEGALIZED HUNTING)

top 10 best shots on wild pig hunting (JAVALI LEGALIZED HUNTER).

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► The CANAL Horse of Gold reproduces videos of Typical Hunts of Wild Boars and other Animals that are permitted by our legislation or respective legislation and permission from foreign countries where this or other videos have been recorded.

► We do not incite or induce violence against animals protected by law or not protected.

► We do not endorse or encourage the use of any type of weaponry in an illegal, unlawful manner or without the necessary technical expertise as well as without proper documentation (such as permissions for regulated use and hunting permits).

► We do not induce minors to hunt any species that may pose risks to their physical or emotional integrity, except fishing with the proper permission in legalized seasons. They must be accompanied by the parents or guardians for safety and correct handling of the instruments without risks.

► ATTENTION: Think before you create a false report of this content. • ARTICLE: 8 tips to understand everything about authorized hunting and wild boar slaughter in Brazil:
For bad people who make false complaints about the content of this channel, we will be looking for legal and legitimate ways to open suits for crimes of slander, defamation, financial losses among others that can generate for the offender indemnification payments of basic fridays or even indemnification of more of 100 thousand reais.

Like many, we also love animals. Hunting is a way of life for native families (even if with all technological apparatus) these people are accustomed to the consumption of meat by means of hunting. The animals slaughtered in this video (s) serve as food or are processed from the meat for use in rations for other domesticated animals. The carcass of the animal is never abandoned to rot and not even a hunt is made for simple emotional pleasure. Not even! Thanks to all hunter friends for understanding!

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