This Mammoth Muskie is Hangry to the Bone [VIDEO]

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This puts a whole new spin on ‘biting off more than you can chew!’

It’s a ‘fish eat fish’ world out there, with a fine line between being a predator or becoming the prey. At the top of the freshwater food chain sits the mighty muskie, although really, a jumbo northern pike could certainly give the fish of 10,000 casts a run for it’s money. That wasn’t the case in this incredible encounter, however, when one bad-to-the-bone muskie decided to show a good-sized pike who’s boss.

Cody John Wolters, who resides in North Dakota, was out paddling in his kayak July 8 when he came across a pretty awesome sight: a mammoth muskie had T-boned a northern pike and was flat out refusing to let go. Lucky for us, Wolters shot a short video as well as a few still shots to memorialize the epic event.

Pretty incredible discovery, right? Do you think this muskie will eventually turn the pike and swallow it whole?

This encounter does remind us of a cool gallery post we recently featured which showcased a variety of fish with BIG appetites.

Gluttony. It sure runs rampant in the fish world.

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