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The Top Ten Flies for Bluegills

I was recently asked if I had to go out on the water with only ten flies (god forbid!) what would they be.  I gave it some thought, and this list is what I came up with.  So without any further delay I present the Panfish On The Fly Top Ten Bluegill Flies.

#1  The Triangle

Everyone loves the excitement of a fish taking a fly off the surface and I am no exception.  If there is a possibility of catching fish on the surface, I always prefer to fish a floating fly.  I may be able to catch more fish by fishing sub-surface but I am addicted to dry fly fishing and take advantage of the opportunity to do it whenever I can.  The triangle bug sits low in the water and is perfect for those shallow water situations when big bluegills get spooky.  The fly lands softly without spooking fish, and those long rubber legs are irresistible.  The best part about this fly is its design.  The triangle shape of this fly prevents small mouthed bluegill from swallowing it too deeply.


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