• ATTENTION: Before the introductions I want to point out that getting to the sandbar where the mullets were in this die is dangerous, the friends who appeared in the video can swim very well, some are even lifeguards. To get to the fishing spot, you had to cross the first valley by swimming, so do not risk the same way. IMPORTANT POINT 2: It is necessary that the fisherman has a current professional license approved by SEAP or some Fisheries Union in Tramandaí te one. The amateur fishing wallet does not allow the use of net.

Speak class! A different fishery here in the channel. This time the material used to catch the mullets was the net. I still do not know how to chart so I left with friends who once do this type of fishing and know the sea very well here in RS. On this day the mullet school was around the platform, but with the sea water (more dirty) they were not taking the bait, so the way was to play the net. Follow the mullet fishing in the net guys, doubts just leave in the comments:

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