SHOCK! From where in this stream SO MANY FISHES ?! Wild fishing in the north

August 2018 Our fishing trip on the Kola Peninsula is in full swing. So we got to the most delicious !!! We are on a stream full of big fish. This is a real fishing eldorado! We searched for him for several days, walked along the tundra for more than 50 kilometers. And as a reward for perseverance and work – they got a gorgeous, fantastic fishing on a small, almost dry stream. We called it the Stone Creek – watch the video and see for yourself why.

P.S. This is the final, fourth day of our fishing. All good things come to an end – and so we had to fold the spinning rods and stomp back to civilization. Approximately 30 km by land and the same by water in motor boats. The road took 3 days.

The trip turned out to be hard, exhausting. However, I would not hesitate to repeat it again. After all, you can only dream of such fishing! Do not ask for coordinates – let this place remain in its original form. I wish each of you find your fish!

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