Shark Fishing with Jake Paul

In this episode of BlacktipH, I go shark fishing with famous YouTuber Jake Paul off the coast of Florida. We started the day off kite fishing for sailfish and kingfish. Within the first couple of hours, we had our first bite! Jake started reeling, and the fish started pulling. After a short fight, Jake lost the fish due to a shark eating it. Minutes later, a huge bull shark showed up and started circling the boat. I dropped a bait in the water, and shortly after, the reel started screaming! Jake hooked a monster! After an intense fight, Jake landed the estimated 300lb bull shark. We took some photos and then released the beast back to the deep. Jake and his crew got very seasick, so we all decided to head back to shore. While we were in the intercoastal, Jake’s friend hooked a barracuda. We landed the barracuda and then finished the day of fishing.

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