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Repair and maintenance of fishing reel (surf reel)

Fishing reels are machines of relative complexity, and therefore require minimal care during use, handling and storage. It is in use, a reel suffers from major setbacks and one of them is to drop into the sea and salt water, because this is very corrosive to steel, and the reel made between its components is made of stainless steel for some, as are springs, screws, gears, bearings …. So It is very recommended that if you reel you down to salt water, once you are at home you have not cleaned with the idea of ​​removing all traces of salt from their ingredients, because the worst thing is allowing time to pass.
In the video the consequences of letting time pass, at the expense of bearings showed that the salt is rusty, and these bearings are very difficult to achieve, and will strive to restore the rust removal bearings as much as you can, for this you can use gasoline, or tanner or as in video shampoo, dry immediately And grease.

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