RARE FOOTAGE: Stingray Giving Birth, Boy Delivers 12 Stingrays! HD

What an amazing privilege to assist with the Delivery of 12 Stingray Babies for a mother who appeared to be struggling and I think appreciated the help – And another HUGE Stingray Caught With my BareHands!?! I am a 12 Year Old Boy Miller Wilson Catching Deadly Stingrays With Nothing But my Barehands – No Rods, No Reels, No injuries to the Stingrays…Just catch and release… I Do This To Teach You That These Creatures Aren’t What They Are Made Out To Be!! They Are Beautiful & Majestic Creatures, So Next Time You Accidentally Catch 1 while fishing – PLEASE Set It Free!! For your own saftey please do not attempt any of these catches!! BEST VIEWED IN 1080 HD The Story: For the past few weeks it was pouring down with rain, so it wasn’t the best filming weather!! So I decided that the next day that it was Sunny, I would go out and try to get some (Luckily it Was A School Day, So I Missed Out On Maths) – Ahah, Nah (Maths Is Good, kids – Stay in School haha) – But I went down to my favourite Stingray viewing Spot, and within a few hours of searching and 7 Bull Shark Attacks Later.. I had spotted 1 cruising around In the shallows!! So I dived off the kayak, And managed to get him, study him, chat about him and let him go!! But he wasn’t that big, So I kept searching… And after going for a 30 minute walk up the beach, I came back to find a Stingray lying next to my Kayak!! So after thinking that there was something wrong with her, I found out that she was pregnant… and I ended up witnessing the delivery of 12 Baby Stingrays!! Although It looks like there was only 10, Big Mama gave birth to 2 more off camera, (The Ones Swimming Off At The End) Thank-You So Much For Watching All My Videos, Im Loving The Great Support, Especially All Of the AMAZING Comments!! But Remember To Subscribe, Cause Mate, There will be LOADS more videos like this coming soon!! Heres A Video Of Me Catching A HUGE Freshwater EEL (… ) Hey Guys, Thanks For Watching, If you haven’t already, please leave a Like, SUBSCRIBE and Share and be sure to check out my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Page 🙂 Links Down Below!!

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