Monster Moose Bull Gets Back Up! – Alaska

I always shoot for the head for the purpose of saving hundreds of pounds of precious meat and could care less about damage to the antlers. I hunt for my family and for local elders so please respect my native culture and not hate on us for eating the same foods as our ancestors. Where I am from there is no super markets and a gallon of milk costs $10 and a gallon of gas cost $7. This is a tough shot due to the thick brush, but it’s possible with big caliber rifles like this .375 Ruger that I’m using. I was hoping for a cleaner kill, but I feel blessed that I was able to get this moose for my Auntie even though it took more than one or two shots. I use iron sites because in close brushy encounters I do not have time to be looking through a scope, especially if it comes down to a Grizzly Bear which is a much more dangerous animal.

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