Monster Fishing in rare place.. lot catfish catch in Abandoned area.. impossible fishing

You are going to present a nice village fishing video in front of you .In the case of fishing, we find those places that people may not use .Many of these places made their shelter for many days due to inadequate use . That’s exactly what one place was looking for and the doubt we suspected was right there .The place was an old palm tree .Due to the collapse of the old palm tree, its bottom part becomes a hole .Due to this becoming a hole, some fish in the pond make it a place because the hole was large in size and was very deep . From this place we collected about four to five kg fish.About 600 of the fish were about 400 grams .Due to the small part of the palm tree, it was not possible to catch the fish properly .So, after clearing the water from the hole , one by one catch there .

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