Longfin Mako Shark Attacks Swordfish off Islamorada

I had Sam and his family out for a fishing charter off Islamorada in early September 2019. We hooked a swordfish in the morning on the second drift of the day in 1700′ of water. When we got the swordfish near the boat we could see a mako shark was following him! It was a longfin mako shark which aren’t very common and he had already bit the tail off the swordfish! We cut a piece of the swordfish off for bait and hooked it onto a shark rig! The mako shark ate the bait after a minute and After a quick fight Sam had his first ever mako shark by the boat! We took some video and pics before releasing the longfin mako shark and then sent him on his way. A minute later the shark swam back up looking for more food! We cut another piece of swordfish off and hooked it on a smaller spinning rod. The shark chased the bait around and we eventually hooked him a second time on the spinning rod!

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