“Legendary rustling” Crawfish scoop

Kanamehira, a member of Tanago inhabiting the Yodo River. I often see fishing in recent years.

Ecology is similar to Itasempara which was extinct in the Yodogawa and it is difficult to distinguish fry fish.

Lake Biwa, Yodogawa Aquatics Legendary huge fishing. We will fish such as black buses, biwa kao, rigyo, wild carp lurking in the Dub River (planned) (planned)

Lake Biwa, the river water system gigantic fishes. Fishing Hidden ditching river (irrigation water culvert) like fish, grass fish, bowter butterfly, carp fish Japanese fish fishing method

Outdoor related videos that introduce nature, familiar creatures, fishing etc.
If you can tell the pleasure of playing, experiencing, discovering in the great nature …
I think

Fishing story nobody knows
Lake Biwa ~ Yodo river system = Freshwater fisheries laboratory
“Electricity of Gasagasa” active, net fisherman
The world’s best fossil living aquarium
Southern longline connection research laboratory (official)
Flower picket (deep sea fishing) More fishing technique improvement committee

Japanese style fishing Movie
Deep drop bottom fishing
Angling & Fishing videos
World’s highest mountain aquarium = Nature aquarium

Yodogawa (Yodogawa) is the only river flowing out of Lake Biwa. Change the name of Seta River, Uji River, Yodo River and flow into Osaka bay. First class river in mainstream of Yodogawa water system flowing in Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture and Osaka prefecture. Channel extension 75.1 km, catchment area 8,240 km².

Yodogawa, freshwater fish which confirmed inhabitation through fishing at freshwater area (river fish) alphabetical order
Ayu, Ugii, Eel, Oikawa, Okutibasu, Kadayashi, Kanehira, Kamatsuka, Camruchee, Kawamutsu, Cala Lojo, Small Gnat (Gimbuna), Hellabhuna (Bekkara Buna), Carp (Carp), Coral (Corn), Coral Corpus, Shiloh Retro Bird, Taiwan Ballatanago, , Tamoroko, Loafers, Catfish, Nigoei, Rainbow Trout, Blue Gill, Lotus, Bivalvia, Bora, Mugizuku, Medaka, Mochugo, Wataka

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