I was fishing tilapia and see what I caught on the hand stick!

For this I Waiting I was fishing Tilapia and see what I caught on the fishing rod in this fishery.

In this video you will see a tilapia fishing in the hand stick, yes that famous fishery the old fashion using bait worm and Ration Furadinha of the Cola, being to my surprise I ended up catching a beautiful Jacundá that gave a fight.

Tilapia fishing with telescopic rod is high adventures at the tip of the fisherman’s line, on that day it was ominous because I was fishing tilapia when suddenly a rain fell, but still we continued our tilapia fishery, you know né fish is even with rain or sun is line in the water and fish on the line! Uhuuuuuuuu !!!

He saw how tilapia fishing with a bamboo stick has no secrets whatsoever, it is very simple and easy, it still reminds us of the childhood in the pond’s edge fishing tilapia with the hand wand that fish root.

You have seen that even with bad weather you have to catch big tilapia in the pond, you are only using correct material, fine fishing line that has no error will get enough tilapia until the snail.

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