Catching Flathead Catfish On LIVE White Bass In VIOLENT Waters!

The original plan was to catch skipjack, but there was no skipjack to be found. We switched to plan b, which was to catch live bluegill and go for flatheads. We anchored up on the wing wall and caught 7-8 flatheads and 2 channels. I caught a white bass and we used it as live bait–it worked! We caught a 10 lb flathead. White bass makes a great live bait. Be sure to check your state’s regulations regarding live bait before trying it. Ty’s channel: When: August 2, 2017 Where: Nickajack Dam, Tennessee River Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm Water Temperature: 86° Current Level: 45,000 cfs Bait: Live bluegill and live white bass Tackle: Medium action 7.5′ B’N’M’ Silver Cat Magnum rod with an Okuma Classic XT CLX-300 L baitcaster levelwind reel spooled with 30 lb monofilament line carolina rigged with a 60 lb monofilament leader down to a 8/0 Team Catfish double action circle hook Method: Anchor fishing on the wing wall LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR my page

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