How To Use A Fishing Float/Bobber

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Using A float/Bobber rig can be a very exciting setup to fish. This type of fishing rig has some distinct advantages and a few disadvantages. As we have discussed before in “Trout Fishing for Beginners“, trout feed on other fish, insects, and crayfish, as well as plankton. When learning to use a fishing float/bobber rig you are going to want to use bait such as worms, minnows, crickets, grasshoppers, meal worms, or eggs. 

What Is A Fishing Float

Other than being a great method to catching fish, wikipedia defines fishing floats as, A fishing float (or bobber in the US) is an item of angling equipment. Usually attached to a fishing line, it can serve several purposes. Firstly, it can suspend the bait at a predetermined depth; secondly, due to its buoyancy, it can carry the baited hook to otherwise inaccessible areas of water by allowing the float to drift in the prevailing current; and thirdly, a float also serves as a visual bite indicator. Fishing with a float is sometimes called float fishing.

Probably easier to let them describe that part for us. 

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How To Use A Fishing Float

There are a few different methods of using a fishing float but the principal is the same with each. To suspend your bait off the bottom. In addition some bobbers have rattles to make noise. Fishing floats are a great tool to visually see a strike. Some floats allow you to fish quite deep while others only as deep as a few feet. Either way, you will be able to visually see your baits location while fishing. 

Slip Bobber Fishing Float

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Slip Bobber

A slip bobber does just like the name implies. It slips up and down your line to a distance that is predetermined by you. When using a slip float you must attach a float stop somewhere on your line above your float. Here is a great video about these bobbers. 

Fixed Bobber Fishing Float

Can you guess what a fixed float does? That’s right, its fixed to your line. With these fishing floats you have to per determine the depth at which you would like your bait to be fixed. Your line attaches at the top and bottom of these floats and is “fixed” in place. 

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Fixed Bobber

These are your more traditional type of float because of their ease of use. These fishing floats make a great option for kids. They add enough weight to cast and allow a great visual indication of a strike.  if you would like to purchase an assortment like this. 

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Fishing with bobbers or floats can be a very exciting method of catching fish. These are just two types of fishing floats that hopefully gives a great visual on the methods to use them. These rigs can be used to catch all kinds of species. 

bass pro shops big bobber ice chest
The Big Bobber Ice Chest

Here is a less than one minute video that illustrates how to attach a bobber to your line. 

Well there you have it. A tutorial on how to use a fishing float/bobber. To recap, here’s a list of why we use fishing floats. 

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