He first went at my dive buddy Justyn but immediately turned toward me. He first bit my left fin then took a piece out of the right fin before biting my leg and cutting the speargun line. I assumed he was trying to steal the black grouper I was holding but, after I lost the grouper and watched it swim to the bottom, the shark kept coming at us! Justyn went back down for my gun and actually shoved it in the sharks mouth! The shark then took it straight to the bottom while we rushed back to the boat and safety. Always dive with a buddy and someone who is trained in first aid! I would not have made it back to the boat without the help of another strong swimmer and would have bled out had we not been able to apply proper first aid immediately. The shark tore through the skin, fat tissue, muscle sheath, muscle, and unfortunately my tibial artery which caused me to lose more than a liter of blood.

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