Giant Houndfish, Jacks and Sharks – Inshore Fishing in Florida – ft. Paul Cuffaro

In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing inshore in Florida with my buddy Paul Cuffaro, in search of giant houndfish, jacks, and sharks. We began the day using frozen ballyhoo for bait to catch houndfish. After a couple drifts with the bait, I was hooked up! While I was releasing my houndfish, Paul hooked up and caught his first houndfish of the day. The bite was consistent for the next hour until I hooked one of the biggest houndfish either of us has ever seen! The giant houndfish fought for five minutes before getting tired. At noon, we decided to go fishing for jack crevalles. Both Paul and I hooked a giant jack crevalle, and within seconds, both fish had defeated us by breaking off on the dock. After catching the jacks, Paul and I decided to go shark fishing. We anchored the boat and threw a chum bag in the water. While we were waiting for a shark, a massive school of ballyhoo surrounded the boat. I started catching them by using very tiny hooks. The ballyhoo school left the area, and within an hour we had a shark bite. I reeled tight and the shark was hooked up! It was a massive 200+lb nurse shark.

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