Giant Hammerhead Shark and Goliath Grouper Action!

While Fishing with Ryan we were visited by a curious Hammerhead Shark which hung around the boat for quite sometime. We were even able to tease it to the boat with a large Savage Gear Panic Popper but we really wanted no part of this large animal on our light tackle. Next we get into some Heavy Goliath Grouper action and even a Nurse Shark takes the bait. Its almost become a rule that if you come on the boat with me you’re required to catch a Goliath Grouper! Just another great day on the water… Remember to Follow me on Instagram: @captmattbudd & @jupiterfishingacademy for all my latest catches and daily stories! Ryans Instagram: saltwater_addiction If you would like to catch these Giant Goliath Grouper please check out my website for Booking Availability and

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