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Giant 60 Pound King Salmon Almost Knocks Guy in Water

King Salmon, also known as massive Chinook Salmon, Huge Spring Salmon and sometimes just scary man-eating monsters but only when they get to gigantic sizes as showcased in this video. Chinook Salmon are 1 of 5 species of pacific salmon found off the west coast of Canada and the USA. They live the longest (up to 10years) and grow the largest (over 100 pounds). Where it used to be common practice to keep the big ones as trophies due to conservation it has now become the norm to release the larger fish to preserve diversity in the genetic pool. The chances of fish reaching large sizes are a lot less then the same fish reaching smaller sizes as they are up against no shortage of challenges. Unfortunately sometimes during the hook up and the fight the fish can get injured to the point where it would likely die anyways in which case food is the other alternative.

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