Get Out of the Water! – Huge Fish Caught

If you’ve been following my channel you know I love Tarpon fishing. People ask me all the time, “What is your favorite fish to catch?”. Well, the answer is Tarpon. They are the perfect game fish. The smaller fish in the 40lb range put on an energy filled fight with countless crazy jumps, but the real battle comes to with the bigger fish. These big fish put on an insane fight sometimes lasting well over an hour. They will break gear, and break you. This fish was caught on my Tsunami SaltX 6000 which is a completely sealed reel with insane drag which makes it a great reel for targeting Tarpon in the surf. I’m fishing 30lb invisibraid in this video and have about 420 yards of line. I just switched to 20lb which still has a breaking strength of over 40lb, but now I have about 550 yards. Watch the video and you’ll see why I did that. 

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