Florida Mullet Blitz – Fishing a QUESTIONABLE Spot for Insane Action

This was our final day in Florida. Over the past week we had tried fishing numerous places and found that we couldn’t really access the water to fish in any spots that we wanted, we also spent many hours sitting in traffic, overall the prior days experiences were taxing.. frustrating.. almost hopeless. As you can tell I wasn’t in the best mood by the final day… BUT, the fish gods came through in a big way. We fished early this morning and skunked, so decided to try this spot where we had seen a bounty of reef fish the day before, we figured our chances of catching any big aggressive predatory fish at high noon were very low so mainly our goal was to just catch anything. When we got there we saw some big splashes, and quickly realized mullet were running and big fish were around taking advantage. I got a couple good shots at some crazy blitzing fish and caught a nice fish before pulling the plug and leaving to fish more legal areas…

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