Fishing ladies catching Florida panfish

Fishing ladies is a channel that promotes attractive female anglers. This video focuses on fishing ladies catching panfish. Florida has some of the best fishing for these tasty fish. Florida panfish include several species; bluegill, red ear sunfish, stumpknocker, crappie, and more. Candice used artificial lures on the trip this morning. The best producing bait was a small black Beetlespin. That is a very productive lure for anglers chasing panfish all over the country. It has been around a long time. A Blakemore Road Runner was used to catch the crappie. It is a better bait when working deeper water. The Fishing Ladies website features much more than just a pretty girl fishing. The site is full of detailed, comprehensive articles covering a variety of fishing subjects. While we briefly cover the tackle and techniques in each video, much more detail can be found in the articles on the site. Also, most of our fishing ladies prefer Bikini fishing as it is comfortable in the warm tropical climate

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