Fishing in the estuary makes panic drawn by big fish

On this occasion I was fishing again at the place yesterday, bro. I still use live shrimp bait as usual. I’m back here because I’m still curious about fish here bro. After I throw it. Not waiting for long, I immediately strike a mangrove size jack like yesterday bro. After 10 o’clock I wait for my shrimp bait to be eaten by large barramundi fish bro. I got frantically pulled by this big fish bro. because only this time I visited a big fish bro. But unfortunately the big fish is released due to my leader breaking up. that’s approximate fish 6 kili is bro. I feel like my heart is about to take off bro. Maybe the big fish is not my fortune bro. But I didn’t just give up. later I will visit this place again. Want revenge bro hehehe. Please see the video bro. Let me not misunderstand. 🙏

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