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First 4K Moose and Caribou hunt

اSneak peek of new episodes of Ultimate Shot season 3 and Safari Season. Moose and caribou hunt at Newfoundland – Big River Camps – October 2016 with Archie Nesbitt and Vladimir Donchev. You will see how we process and carry on his meat alone for more than 10 miles in the swamps and we tried the next day. It was really good made by our fantastic camp chef. Amazing adventure, beautiful nature , the best hunting guides. Thank you Big River Camps
Part of the story as it is: The second moose… The river flowing from the lake separated us from the lying animal. It was quite improbable to cross the small river without it seeing us. Our action plan was simple and it included the female silhouette, as well as the masterful shouts made by our hunting guide. After sensing the moose would head directly towards the silhouette, Archie sneaked at some 30 meters in front of us, in animal’s direction. Once the hunter was ready, he faced and signalled us. Everything was perfectly positioned. The moose in the distance was in line with the shouter holding the tease in the shape of female moose and it was me and the cam in the end. Everything was planned and it was up to the moose to do its part of the plan and attack the silhouette making the battle calling of a male moose. It almost worked out, but almost. The moose stood up, just like we expected, and headed in the direction of the silhouette and the hidden hunter. Thus it kept on moving for some time but at some hundred meters it decided not to cross the river and approach us from the wind direction. It went along the bank going by the hunter and approaching us from the side opposite Archie. Our plan was good, but it didn’t work out and I proved closest to the moose with my cam. The animal stopped for a while in 20 meters from us and with the already well-known swaying walk started approaching me. I was standing still, squatting in the shrubs, but felt the moose saw me. Initially the animal was heading towards the silhouette, but once it got very close, it decided to try out the smallest competitor and that was me. My situation was not pinkish at all. I had nothing handy to protect myself from the moose. I had nowhere to run, because I had a hundred meters of short bushes to the forest. Everything I could do was holding the cam and trying to take my last shots to be remembered. The moments in which all this happened seemed endless to me. I was shooting the moos from very close perspective and had no idea where Archie and our hunting guide were. I knew they were somewhere around me but I didn’t dare more not to provoke the moose and make it attack me. I could still hear hunter’s words resounding in my head after our morning close meeting with the moose. I knew it was no different than then and if Archie didn’t kill the huge animal by chance, any moment, even if wounded, it would pass through me and crush me. Just when the animal was several meters from me and I could hear its noisy and frightful breathing out before the attack, I heard arrow’s whistling by me. I was ready to jump off my place should the moose attack me, but Archie’s shot was so precise that it hit animal’s spine. The hit immobilized the giant and it fell on the spot, as if thunderstruck. Archie went to the animal and put its sorrows to an end with an arrow right in the heart. At the time I was thankful to the hunter for not being in victim’s place. After that hunting session and my experience with these animals I could state for sure that moose is the second most dangerous animal after the grizzly bear there, in the
American continent .

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