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Fast Pork Officers Shabby

In the town of Lapseki in Çanakkale, Umurbey town, the water channel of the State Water Works (DSI), the pig, rushed the officers for 4 hours. It was not possible to catch the boar who jumped from the barricades and survived the lasso and nets. The struggle of the pigs with the officers made the audience laugh.

Çanakkale’s Lapseki town of Umurbey town of the State Water Works (DSI) irrigation channel despite the intervention of the pig was not caught in any way. Upon the notification of the residents of the town, the Provincial Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks of Çanakkale referred 6 people to the region. Since the breeders were in the breeding period, they set traps to catch the boar which is prohibited from hunting and release it to the nature. Those entering the empty irrigation channel, barricade barricade set to prevent the right-winged pig. But the pig managed to get past this barricade. Then another officer tried to catch the pig in the network. Entering the net, the pork has fled again and again.
Those who did not give up, this time both the barricade, network and tried to use the lasso at the same time. However, the pigs sometimes jumped over the barricade and sometimes overcame these obstacles by using their speed. One person’s arm was broken during the struggle. The winner of the struggle lasted about 4 hours was the pig. Those who could not get the boar entering the water pipe inside the canal gave up. Fast pigs stayed in the canal.

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