Catching HUGE Catfish in the Backwaters of a FLOODED CREEK

I fished a new spot on South Chickamauga Creek, this time much closer to the mouth of the creek. Water was still high and muddy. Within the first ten minutes I brought in a nice 10-12 blue catfish. After an hour of nothing, my reel was screaming. I brought in a catfish in the low 30’s, followed by two other big brutes in the 30 lb range. I love fishing the creek when the conditions are right for the big catfish to move in. When: September 30, 2018 Where: Chickamauga Creek (Chattanooga, TN) Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm Conditions: High, muddy, moderate to fast current Bait: Cut skipjack Tackle: Medium Heavy 8′ American Spirit Nite Stick rod with an Okuma Classic XT CLX-300 L baitcaster levelwind reel spooled with 30 lb monofilament line with a 80 lb monofilament leader down to a Team Catfish 8/0 double action circle hook (carolina rigged) Method: Bank fishing from a dock

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