Ithink we can all agree that coming up with handmade gift ideas for men is tough. Like rack your brain for days tough! Well thankfully about a month ago I was perusing Pinterest and saw these beer cap fishing lures and thought they were such a great idea. They are the perfect gift for those men who love to fish or drink beer…or do a little bit of both…at the same time.


Of course you don’t have to use beer caps. You could use soda caps as well.


While I was hoping this would be a fun project to do with the kids it turned out to be a little tougher then I had expected. There are just too many sharp parts for those little fingers.


 Instead my husband helped with drilling the holes and bending the caps. We found that bending them by hand gave us the best result but after a few even my fingers were sore. I didn’t think of it at the time but I bet wearing rubbing gloves would have helped a bit.


As you can see, these are super easy and cheap to make. You just need some bottle caps, treble hooks, swivel snap connectors and some round slip jump rings. I purchased all of my items from Amazon. Start off by pinching the caps together with your fingers. Now you will want to drill the ends of the caps right in the pinched crease. Measure with the split rings to see where you should drill. You may need to flatten the pinched end of the cap just a tiny bit to get the drill in there easier. Plus it makes getting the split rings in easier too. Just use a screwdriver or any small blunt item to flatten them. Drill the other side. Now insert the split rings into the drilled holes. Next attach the hook and swivel to the split rings. And that is it.


How cute are they?!


I think they make the perfect handmade Christmas gift for any man or fishing lover. And the best part is you still have plenty of time before Christmas to make a few.


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