I set up a circle for fishing on live bait. Today I’ll try to catch a toothy pike on a crucian carp. Depth 2 meters. Reservoir in the suburbs. The water has not yet bloomed and a lot of green chips are floating. The weather is sunny with high pressure, which is not very suitable for pike fishing. The first minutes of underwater filming the bait still hung on the hook, getting used to a new reservoir for itself. Such passivity of the crucian carp slightly upset the striped robber, who would gladly play cat-and-mouse bait. By the 13th minute of underwater shooting, a flock of roaches enters the clearing, which means that somewhere there must be a predator nearby. And so it happened this time. Suddenly, a pike jumped out from behind the shelter, but she was not hungry, otherwise she would have eaten live bait at once. And so she played with him a little and quickly lost interest in crucian carp. After a short half-hour break, another pike appeared and gave live bait to light. Grabbing the bait fish across, a large pike in a matter of seconds turned its crucian head forward and swallowed. The spotted predator already felt a foreign body in its huge mouth and is trying with all its might from the hook. The pike disappears for a while. All her attempts to save were unsuccessful. Pike returns to the clearing for the last time in his life. How many happy moments a beautiful woman has with this place. In just a couple of minutes, a successful fisherman will catch her, solemnly rejoicing in the whole body of water, rejoicing in such a treasured trophy. A pike with sadness in his eyes says goodbye to all the inhabitants of the reservoir. No one else will see her here …

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