BIG PIKE ATTACHED KARASA! Winter fishing at the vents. Pike attack. Underwater shooting

BIG PIKE ATTACHED KARASA! Winter fishing at the vents. Pike attack. Underwater shooting
Crucian carp is planted on the vent. The first is the dead perch. I chose the place of fishing by the accumulation of leucorrhoea. After drilling the hole, the trifle sailed for a while, but now it comes back. The middle of winter, but tench does not sleep. Here he walks along the reed. After 20 minutes, the first pike appears. For predatory fish, such a place is paradise. How many little things – just open your mouth. And again the pike. While she is very careful, she adheres to a dark area with grass. It doesn’t go out into the open. The striped robber is small in size, but a trifle tries to stay at a distance from him. In the shadow of the reed tench again floats. In the summer, he caught me a couple of times on silicone. Perhaps his menu also includes small fish, and we see him here not by chance. There is tension in the air – something must happen. Here is such a beautiful pike after half an hour from the beginning of underwater filming goes into the open space. Her choice of food is simply huge. She does not pay any attention to the crucian. And then another pike flies out of the grass. This time I didn’t eat anyone, but she showed who the boss was. After a couple of minutes, she returned to her safe place – to the grass. Following along the same route, another pike is put forward for hunting. It was 40 minutes underwater filming. Will a pike with leeches catch on some crucian with a hook and fishing line with such an abundance of small fish? We will find out soon. Pike grabbed live bait and immediately begins to swallow it. The coil on the vent is tightened so that the pike remains in front of the camera lens as long as possible. I successfully pulled out this pike, its weight was 2800 g.

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