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Big fish catch with small rahu fish .Amazing Fishing village boy’s. Talab Fishing.

Hi guys today I brought you a new Fishing video .The video is a whole new experience .Hope you like the full view of the video . There are many types of fishing methods in rural areas.Some of the biggest challenges may be to create some methods in your own experience and implement them Just like this, I made a video of you catching big fish with a small fish. There are many types of fish that prefer to eat fish . Yes friends, there is a type of fish called “Golden American Fish” but they eat fish . “Golden American Fish” This fish is known by different names in our region, we have mentioned that name in our region . I went to the pond with a few small rohu fish to catch the big Fish and it was according to plan .After the Secret Trick some powder, the little rohu fish entered the canal and came forward to eat some big fish.It is truly an amazing method that is rarely seen . In the end I collected Four big fish from there .

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