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Bass Fishing Tips Every Angler Should Know

Are you new to bass fishing and find yourself not catching as many fish as you thought you would, or maybe an old pro who could use a few tips to up his game? If so, you’re not alone. There’s a lot more to bass fishing than simply casting your hook into the water. If you really want to be successful, at a minimum you should know a few basic tips. Keep reading below to learn about three bass fishing tips that should help you reel in larger catches than you do now.

fisherman holding a large mouth bass closeup

Choose as Light a Fishing Line as Possible

Many bass fisherman, especially beginners, typically use fishing line that is too heavy for bass fishing. Bass have pretty good eyesight for fish, and a heavier line is easier for them to see. If they see your line, chances are they there won’t strike your hook. Guess what that means? You go home empty-handed. No biting fish equals no caught fish. This is of course not as much of an issue if the water you are fishing in is murky and unclear, but if the water is clear and calm you must use a lighter line for best results.

Mind the Weather

Another important tip for successful bass fishing is understanding how weather plays a role in the feeding habits of bass. For example, you may think a bright sunny day would make for a perfect day of fishing. Guess what? You would be wrong. When the sun is shining brightly, bass tend to remain hidden while waiting for food to come to them. Because they’re less active, it makes catching them more difficult.

Conversely, when it’s cloudy out, the fish are more active feeders and are more likely to strike your hook. This naturally makes them easier to catch and should result in you catching more fish, which is the goal. So plan your trip accordingly, and for best results, avoid sunny days if possible.

Let the Wind Be Your Guide

Many bass fisherman call it quits if the wind picks up even the slightest bit. What they don’t realize is they are making a huge mistake by doing this. For some reason, wind encourages bass to feed. A second benefit to windy fishing is the wind gives you cover when it disturbs the water’s surface. This makes the fish less likely to be frightened by the movement of your boat because chances are they won’t even notice.

Hungry bass who are actively feeding combined with cover provided by the wind makes for an excellent fishing environment. Let the amateurs call it a day if they want. That leaves more fish for you. As long as your safety isn’t at risk, stick around and you’ll be reeling in more fish than you know what to do with.

If you want to be good at something, you have to know as much as possible about it, and that includes bass fishing as well. While this isn’t an exclusive list of tips, if you follow the three bass fishing tips mentioned above you should help you catch more bass if you’re struggling to do so now.

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