Bait Guide: How to Catch Bass in Any Pond

I love tearing across a vast reservoir in a bass boat as much as the next guy, but I probably spend twice as much time hunting largemouths in farm ponds and small community lakes. I can’t help it. Dissecting a shallow pond from corner to corner is my summertime addiction, and over the years I’ve boiled down lure selection to a simple system that makes me more efficient and productive on these small waters.

The game starts with carrying three rods, which eliminates the need to frequently retie. Answer three simple questions about water clarity (1 clear, 2 stained, or 3 muddy), vegetation, and bottom content, then use this chart to choose the best lures for fish near the surface, in the middle of the water column, and near the bottom.

1) Clear Water


2) Stained Water


3) Muddy Water


Source : fieldandstream

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