ATTACK PITCHES AND ONDATRES ON THE SHEAT Winter fishing for stinkers Underwater photography

Back in the ice kingdom. Coastal shallow water. Every day the ice becomes thicker. Replaces the tee on odnarnik, monoleska 0.4 mm, as live bait – roach. 18 minute underwater shooting. The small perch sharply disappears – the first pike approaches. Pike stares at live bait for a long time, noticing all the details of the tooling. She probably guessed that the roach was hanging on a fishing line with a hook, and despite all the efforts of the live bait, the pike was leaving with nothing. 27 minutes of underwater photography. Perch came back, but not for long, because the second, larger pike is approaching. Pike did not respond to roach, because she did not show signs of life. Approximately 90% of the time the live bait was in a sleepy state. 36 minute underwater filming. On the roach comes the third pike. She bypasses live bait in a circle and appears on the left. Pay attention to the beauty of pike. This pike waited for the roach to show some activity on the hook. Zywets finally came to life and began to move. Pike wanted to make an attack, but there was a second toothy, larger. The first predator leaves the live bait in fear, and the live bait is not interesting to the second pike. Perhaps she does not want to eat. And also floats to the grass. 42 minutes of underwater photography. On the stage goes 5 pike. Zhivets makes a fatal mistake for himself, making a sharp, seductive for toothy jerk up and she without attacking attacks him in the head across. Further the pike departs a couple of meters from the hole and stops. In order to turn the live bait forward and swallow. Another pike, noticing fuss, goes in her direction. At this time, perch pops out of the grass, and on the right a car goes right on us – a healthy pike weighing 3 kg. On the 50th minute of underwater shooting the muskrat swims right through the bait fish. If instead of a single tee, she might have become crippled. Here is one of the reasons for the possible idle poklevok on zherlitsy.

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