Afternoon Bluefish Beach Bite | Fish Cake Burgers

In this episode of BlacktipH, we head to the beach to fish an epic bluefish bite and bring them home to make fish cakes. I met up with my buddy Warren who’s from South Africa, and we headed to the beach. We used dead sardines as bait with wire and two treble hooks in the front and back. We tossed out the bait, and seconds later, we were all hooked up to bluefish! We fished the rest of the afternoon then headed back home to make warrens famous bluefish cakes! He began by cooking the fish on the grill, then mixing in the other dry and wet ingredients in a bowl. Once we finished cooking the fish, Warren mixed the meat in with the other ingredients, formed them into burgers, and placed them in hot oil to cook. We made our fish cake hamburgers and loved it! I never thought bluefish could taste so good!!

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