4.5 and 3.5 kg pikes eat a duckling. Crazy bite of pike on duckling. Catching pike on nezatsepleyki.

Going to this heat, I did not quite count on a good result. Jerks, regular tires and ducklings were taken. All day on jerkies and rubber 1 shpak and exit. As soon as he set the duckling beetle began to eat, as if he was on fire. I didn’t expect such a mad bite. I had previously seen that pike eat ducklings, but how I avoided this bait by the side, because even before that moment I hadn’t worked with poppers. The fishing turned out to be very interesting, the greedy exits of the pike made my heart stop. Pike attacked several times, trying to eat this duckling. And often swallowed whole.

Gear / Used
Under the jerks:
Spinning / Rod (Abu Garcia Venturi 6.3 ‘/ 1.91cm 60-140g)
Coil / Reel (Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Classic C4 5601)
Line / Line (Sufix Matrix Pro 0.35mm / 36 kg)
Under rubber:
Spinning / Rod (Abu Garcia Svartzonker 7´ / 2.13cm 40-140g)
Coil / Reel (Abu Garcia Revo Beast)
Line / Line (Strike Wire Extreme 0.36 mm / 30 kg)
For everything else:
Spinning / Rod (Yoshino Jig Specialist 6,6´ / 1.95 cm 4-26g)
Coil / Reel (Banax SI-700)
Line / Line (Savage Gear Finezze HD4 0.22 mm / 15 kg)

Rubber (K.P.Baits Lazy Shad 5 “12.5 cm 12 gr)
Duckling (Savage Gear 3D Hollow Duckling 10 cm / 40 gr)

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