3 Winter Trout Fishing Tips To Catch More Fish

As summer draws to an end and the leaves begin to fall, some anglers decide its not worth the time and energy to brave the cold. In northern California however there are plenty of waterways that are not “off limits”  during the winter months. The upper stretches of the American River happens to be one of these places. Below I have listed 3 winter trout fishing tips to catch more trout. 

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Now its worth noting that you should do your research when it come to fishing any waterway. Look up your local state fishing regulation prior to loading up the car. California Department of Fish and Wildlife requires when fishing the American River after November 15th, you must use artificial, barbless bait, and may not have any fish in your possession. 

3 Winter Trout Fishing Tips

Keep in mind that colder water generally means slower fish. When the temperatures start dipping below 45 degrees the trout really start to hunker down. So, without further ado here are three basic tips to catch more winter trout.

GET STALKY – The fish are about to get spooked very easily in the colder months. This means that you must make calculated movements and your casts need to be on point. Your movements need to be thought out. Visualize each and every cast before making it. The trick here is to go slow. The fish will still eat but you may need to put the fly on top of their head. 

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SIZE DOWN & SLOW DOWN – This sort of aligns with the first tip one. The fish will not move as much to go eat. Smaller tippet and generally smaller flies will result in more fish (not always bigger….but more). 

HUNT THE TAILWATERS – This is my most prized Tip for the newer fly fisherman looking to find some cold water trout since there are plenty of tailwaters to be had. Tailwaters are waterways that are directly down stream of a dam. This means the water comes from a larger section on the river or a lake. Water exiting the dams are generally warmer and maintain a relatively static temperature. 

So get out there, be bold, brave the cold. Whether its on the American River or a waterway near you, plan a trip. Go find your self some tailwaters. downsize your tackle, be methodical in your movements (stalk), and visualize your casts. Use my 3 winter trout fishing tips and you will greatly increase your chances of catching winter trout. 

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