20 Free DIY Deer Stand Plans and Ideas Perfect for Hunting Season

What time is it?

Well, if you are an avid hunter, then you know it is the time of year when you start gearing up for hunting season because you’ll be in the woods soon.

But do you have a deer stand? Have you been considering building one but aren’t really sure where to start?

Well, you can’t say that tomorrow. I’m going to bring you some of the internet’s best plans for deer stands.

So settle in on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and stroll through all of the options you may have for a deer stand, and the best part, all of the plans are free!

DIY Deer Stand Plans

Let’s get started:

1. Free Deer Hunting Stand Plans

These plans are really awesome. Though they are hand drawn, you get to see what the stand looks like from the front, back, side, and top views as well.

Not to mention, they also include a materials list to help you along in the shopping process. So if you are good at reading plans, then you could probably figure out how to construct this structure with very little fuss.

So if you’ve been intimidated about building your own deer stand, hopefully, these plans will ease your mind and help you embrace the building process.

View free deer stand plans

2. Elevated Deer Blind Plans

This is another user-friendly deer stand plan. It has a list of materials, tools, and also the time it would take for you to build it.

But it also has great visuals as well. If you are someone that is a visual learner, then I think the drawing provided should be pretty helpful in your build.

Again, hopefully the combination of written details and visual details will make this ideal for many of you.

3. The Smaller Deer Stand

The deer stands listed so far have been large enough that you can climb inside and move around in them. They have been quite roomy, actually.

But not everyone desires to have a deer stand that is quite that roomy. Some people just want to have space for a single person, that you can sit in and enjoy the peace and quiet while hunting.

So if you are one of those people, then you’ll like this idea. This idea doesn’t have plans with it though so you’ll have to use it as inspiration only.

4. Pallet Deer Stand

This is another idea that you could use to inspire you with your own build. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with plans though.

Instead, it can be used to show you one more way that you can upcycle pallets and make a really nice deer stand.

So if you’d like a roomy deer stand that is also frugal to build, then you might really want to consider this idea.

5. The Tree Stand Tutorial

This tree stand is one that would be great for an avid hunter who may also be a beginner builder. If you fit either of those categories, then you’ll want to check this out.

But I really love this tree stand because it comes not only with great pictures for the visual learners (like myself), but it also has a really thorough tutorial.

So if you are looking for a great guide on building a handy deer stand, then you should check this one out.

6. 4×6 Shooting House Plans

Are you looking for a detailed set of plans to help you build the perfect deer stand/ shooting house? If so, then you may want to check these plans out.

In fact, these plans are so detailed that you not only get a great visual to help you see what you’re building, but you also get a materials list, and a time frame as well.

Which means, these plans could be a great option for anyone that is new or inexperienced to building. Hopefully, you’ll be very happy with this build and utilize it often.

7. The Visual Only Deer Stand Plans

These plans are not very thorough, but they could still be helpful to inspire you in your deer stand build. In fact, you can see how each step of the process develops.

Now, you’ll need to either have some building knowledge or enlist the help of a friend who has some great carpentry skills.

But if you build this alongside someone who has plenty of building experience, then you can probably take the visual and figure out how to create your own unique deer stand.

8.  Bubba’s Deer Stand

This deer stand is one that is definitely homemade, but in my experience, those are often times the best because they are built by someone who loves what they do.

So this set of plans has a great visual that can be helpful in the build, and it also has a lot of helpful notes towards the build too.

Which means, if you are looking for a great set of plans that are functional and informational, then these could be it.

9. Free Deer Stand Plans


This is another great set of plans to help the beginner carpenter or even the builder that has more experience as well.

As you will notice, the plans have a great visual to show you what you are building, and a detailed materials list.

Then it finishes this with a detailed set of instructions to help you have a successful build.

10. DIY Deer Blind

This blind is another one that I’m very fond of. I like how they shared pictures of their actual build instead of just computer generated pictures.

Though the plans don’t include a lot of written detail or materials list, I think the pictures give a great visual as to what is taking place here.

So you might want to grab a friend with some carpentry experience to help you figure this out a little further, but it could be the beginning of a great deer stand

11. The Round Deer Stand

This deer stand is another one that someone shared of their actual build. It doesn’t have a ton of instructions or a materials list to accompany it.

Yet, it does include lots of pictures of the building process to show you what it all looks like as it comes along.

So if you would like a deer stand that is a little different than most, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

12. Deer Box Stand Plans

This deer stand box is really cool looking. It is basically a box that you can create a standalone stand with it so you can put it anywhere you like.

But what I really love about this plan is that it has the whole shebang with it. You get a materials list, an actual drawn plan to help you with the build, and detailed pictures of the build.

However, these plans also share the results that other got when following these plans and building it themselves.

13. 15’ Deer Hunting Box

These plans are very detailed. It is actually divided out into multiple sections they went into so much detail.

But you will get a materials list and a detailed tutorial on how to build each section of the deer stand. This also includes the ladder.

So if you are looking for a simple deer stand, but with a detailed set of instructions to build it, then you should check this out.

14. The Hinge Window Deer Stand

This deer stand is one that was submitted by a customer that decided to put a company’s windows into their stand.

So it will have to be used as inspiration only. If you are a carpentry whiz, then this shouldn’t be tough to build.

Actually, you could probably use some of the other plans mentioned here, only adding a set of nice windows to spiff it up a bit.

15. Building a Deer Blind

This deer blind is accompanied with a very detailed set of plans. For starters, you have a great visual of what you are attempting to build.

Then you get a great materials list to help you with the shopping part of the project. You also get detailed steps and pictures for completing the build.

So if you need a great set of plans to build an awesome deer stand, then you’ll want to check these out for sure.

16. 4×4 Deer Stand Plans

You need a detailed set of plans, but you don’t need a huge deer stand to accompany those plans? No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Actually, you can start by looking right here. This is a smaller deer stand, but the plans are magnificent. You have a computer-generated visual to show you the build.

Then you get a materials list and detailed plans with more computer-generated visuals to show you each step of the process.

17. Trophy Deer Stand Plans

These are more hand-drawn plans, but they are very detailed. So don’t let the fact that someone hand drew them, scare you away.

In fact, you might want to really embrace it for that fact. These plans show the deer stand from every angle.

So though the plans are detailed, the stand itself is rather small since it is only a 4×6. But when hunting, that is all you really need.

18. The Wood Tower

These plans actually came from a forum. The person who submitted them took the time to send in pictures and also detailed plans as well.

Even better, they sent in a materials list as well. Which means you are pretty much ready to build. Don’t you love when people share their ideas in detail?

So if you just want a simple tower out in a field where you can hunt in peace, then you’ll want to check this out.

19. Wood Deer Stand Tower

I’m sharing this one more as an inspiration than anything. It is very similar to the tower shared above, only this one has a few more finished details with it.

Which means, you could actually utilize the plans above and tweak them a little to fit what you’re looking for.

Then add some of the finished details that you see from this tower. That’s what is so great about building your own. You can modify it to suit your needs.

20. The Ladder Stand

This stand was another one that someone submitted on a hunting forum. They said that they don’t have any plans, only the pictures.

But it doesn’t look super complicated to figure out. If you have some carpentry skills, you could use it as inspiration to build something similar for yourself.

So if you need a really simple stand, then you may want to consider building something along these lines. (Just scroll down to find the image.)

You now have 20 different deer stands to choose from. Some came with detailed plans and some were just for your inspiration.

Either way, I hope you found one that inspires you to build the deer stand of your dreams before this hunting season takes off.

But now I want to hear from you. What do you look for in a deer stand? Why?

We love hearing from you so drop us a line in the comment box below.

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