12 LB Bass Caught Sight Fishing Right In Front Of Us || 50 State Fishing Tour (Lake O The Pines TX)

We scooted from Lake CAD-O (my bad for pronouncing it wrong) in Louisiana over to Lake O The Pines in Texas. We met a local at Caddo and he suggested it to us, saying we would probably be able to go there and catch numbers which is what we were looking for. Definitely was not expecting to see as many giant fish as we did, and it got us juiced up. There are only a few days a year you see fish of this caliber, and it’s something I’ve truly never experienced in my life. This, and the next few vids are very light on broll and editing because I was fishing so hard and didn’t want to take any time away from my bait being in the water. The stakes are high right now in Texas, and a giant can be around the corner.

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